Laser Alignments


Welding, Fabrication & Modifications

Equipment Hire


Technical Maintenance Support (TMS) has built a solid reputation for delivering quality maintenance and shutdown services to mining industry clients throughout regional and remote areas of Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

We pride ourselves on our skilled, qualified, and experienced workforce combined with our ability to deliver all projects within deadline, inside budget and to the highest possible standard.

To date, we have successfully managed the delivery of projects of various scopes and sizes. Our vision is to provide high quality maintenance, machining, construction, engineering and fabrication services both on and off site, plus equipment hire, to ultimately enrich local communities.

Mine Site Services

 machining & fitting

Shutdown Services & Support

Construction & Projects

Equipment Hire

Painting & Blasting Services

Laser Alignments & Precision Measuring

Gear Alignment & Run Outs

Poly Welding Services

Workshop Services


CNC Machining

fitting & Fabrication



General Maintenance

Painting & Blasting

Rubber Lining

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