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Who We Are:

Technical Maintenance Support (TMS) are an independently owned and operated company specialising in maintenance, inspections and installations of grinding, crushing and various other mechanical processing equipment in the mining industry. The TMS team combines an excellent understanding of the complexities of the mining industry and strong technical capabilities.

The experience and knowledge TMS has in these fields has shown how critical down time is within the mining industry, that’s were TMS proves its loyalty to our valuable clients. This includes quality and speedy turn around in a manner that meets todays OH&S standards and regulations. TMS has both valuable and quality tradesman all in which are trained and highly skilled for each area in which TMS specialise.

TMS do not only conduct specialised work we also have personnel with a vast amount of experience within the fabrication and construction industry, this makes TMS the company to contact for all mine maintenance and construction.

TMS can provide the following General Services:

Workshop machining & fitting

Onsite Fitting

Shutdown Services & Support

Construction & Projects

Equipment Hire

Onsite Painting & Blasting Services

Laser Alignments & Precision Measuring


Gear Alignment & Run Outs

Poly Welding

We Specialise In:

  • Bearing Replacements, Inspections and change outs of HSB bearings and thrust bearings.
  • Precision Measurements on gears and other drives of mechanical equipment such as, pinion to girth gear checks radial and axial run outs of gears, contact and backlash of gears, root gap clearances of gears, recorded measurements of wear on gears, MPI checks on gears.
  • Pinion and girth gear reversals
  • Crusher maintenance and Inspections
  • Conveyor maintenance, installations and inspections
  • Screen maintenance and installations
  • Installation of process water, slurry, sump and centrifugal pumps, which includes soul plate and grout of base plate’s pumps and drives and all pipe work including structural steel surroundings.
  • All drive train components on mechanical equipment including but not limited to milling drives, crushing drives, conveyor drives, pump drives and thickener drives
  • Sub sole and sole plate repairs and installs
  • Thickener Installations and Maintenance including maintenance on drive motors and ring gears and structural integrity
  • Laser alignment technology, (vertical, horizontal, linear alignments)
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Maintenance on pumps including changing of wet ends, pipe work, electric motors, bearing barrels, couplings and also realignment of all drive components
  • Floatation vessels and drives, which include installs of all components of vessels and maintenance such as barrel changes, motor changes, shaft and impeller changes. This also includes all launder installs and pipe work.

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